Summit Park 2013-2014

Actual Yardwork

A week ago, my colleague Wayne and I set aside two days to concentrate on getting things done in RMH’s backyard, like we had always planned to do. Wayne emailed Brent, our community adviser, and he gave us a list of things we could do to help out on the house grounds. Last Saturday, when […]

March Madness

This last month, with Spring Break right in the middle of it, has not presented as many opportunities for the group to volunteer together. Given this handicap, we have still managed to get a lot done with Ronald McDonald House. Early in the month, we met with our Community Advisor, Brent Stock, and planned to […]

Outlook on this Semester

This semester, we at the Ronald McDonald House Summit Team would like to focus on and share what work the RMH employees at the house do to ensure that the house guests feel at home. Once a guest leaves, the rooms are meticulously cleaned. We also make sure to restock everything in the rooms, from […]

Return to Service

After break, we at RMH Summit House decided to kick it into high gear, and lay down our ground plans for the semester more solidly. We dedicated a meeting time every week to discuss any and all things Summit. We’ve scheduled and worked two Saturdays at RMH now, and we’ve got more planned as the […]

The Item Drive

This semester, we here at the RMH Summit house planned an item drive to collect things on RMH’s wishlist.  Our faculty advisor, Emily Givins, has a great idea for the drive. She had seen a Greek organization do this type of drive, and have tremendous success. The drive entails leaving paper bags on the front […]

Sweet Treats and Teacups

Early last week, before we all cut out for Thanksgiving break, we decided as a group that we’d like to help out at RMH.  McKenzie called them up and asked if we could come in that day.  They were at-capacity for volunteers that day, so Stacy Holland told us that we could make desserts for […]

A Dinner for Many

Hello again from the Ronald McDonald House Summit Team! It’s been an exciting and busy month for us here, as midterms have passed and finals draw near.  Some members of the group, myself included, are finding it hard to make time to volunteer at RMH, but we are getting together and addressing that issue now, […]

Voice of the People, Part One

Since I am only one of eight members of this group, I thought it would be prudent to get the thoughts and opinions of the other group members, and assemble them here in a regular post. Without further ado, here’s the Voice of the People: Eagles’ Wing (Name for the upstairs Apartment) Morgan: “I enjoy […]

First Impressions

So far, we’ve had one big group outing to RMH to get some lawn work done, and since then we’ve also been going in pairs or threes whenever we’re available. Through our collaboration with George, another Ronald McDonald House volunteer, we plan to complete two decent-sized projects around the backyard, and we are all excited […]

A Brief Introduction to the Ronald McDonald House Summit Team

First off, welcome to our blog! And now, to brass taxes. We call ourselves the RMH Summit Team, and our goal for the 2013-2014 school year is to assist the Ronald McDonald House with a plethora of their needs.  Our largest project will be assisting with lawn care and general maintenance, as well as collaborating […]